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Discover the life of Robert Casadesus 15 pages written by Jacqueline Muller, or a simple 1-page bio, or else a chronological approach ('As the years go by').
A visit to 'Exhibition' will enable you to appreciate the artist's familiar objects, whereas the Documents section brings together numerous writings (newspaper articles, contemporary programmes, books), as well as audio and video excerpts.
You can also directly access the Photo Gallery.

In a career spanning 50 years, Robert Casadesus built up an absolutely unique cultural heritage.

3,000 concerts, a considerable discography, a catalogue of 69 works, films and numerous educational speeches are signs of a great creative richness that now makes him considered one of the greatest French musicians of the 20th century.

His double vocation of performer-composer gave him the rare privilege of being both the observer and the perpetuator of the principal French musical currents of the 20th century. Commenting on an interpretation of Le Gibet, Ravel would say of him: 'You must be a composer yourself in order to understand the music of others so well.'

The USA, where a major portion of his career took place, paid him an exemplary tribute: in the firmament of those rare French stars recognised in America, his star shines in Hollywood, alongside those of Rubinstein and Horowitz.

Today, 30 years after his death, Robert Casadesus fully deserves that we establish his memory with precision in France by devoting a first-rate site on the Internet to him. This undertaking comes just at the right moment for never has there been such interest in propagating the memory of his career: new compilations of his recordings, publication and recordings of his unpublished works, the writing of chronicles on his art, radio and television broadcasts, the showing of films on his life, etc.

It was therefore essential that anyone from the four corners of the world have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the ineluctable influence of this peerless artist. And with exactitude. Stimulating his enduring memory and bearing witness to the quality of his oeuvre : such are the fundamental objectives of the 'Robert' website.

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