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Selected piano works by ROBERT CASADESUS and HENRI DUTILLEUX played by CICILIA YUDHA, piano (US)
A doctorate (US)- VIBRARTE Awards (France) - LILLE (France) - Avon (France) - Paris (France)

A new CD of Robert Casadesus' piano works.

Cicilia Yudha pianist, chamber musician, and educator presents her Navona Records release SELECTED PIANO WORKS BY ROBERT CASADESUS AND HENRI DUTILLEUX, featuring her expertise as a solo pianist, as well as the exploration of the compositions of Robert Casadesus. Yudha's skillful approach is demonstrated in the opening piece, Sonata No. 3, Op. 44, which has an energetic and rhythmically exciting first movement followed by a vibrant second movement, which exhibits a slow and reflective texture. Yudha brings a Casadesus' quintessential style to life, highlighting the vibrant and lively first movement and showcasing the contrasting slow and reflective mood found in the second movement. Toccata, Op. 40 is brimming with youthful energy as the prolific 20th–century composer pushes this baroque style forward. Yudha brings this piece to life and makes it breathe with a creative, almost improvisational quality. Under the demands of this high tempo exploration, she shows her brilliance in bringing out every nuance of the piece and affirms its underlying grace and dignity.
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A doctorate in musicology focused on Robert Casadesus' piano works.

Cicilia Yudha is a young US-trained Indonesian pianist
whose doctorate in piano performance
focuses on Robert Casadesus' piano works.
As a winner of the Casadesus scholarship established by Therese
Casadesus Rawson in memory of her family, Cicilia attended in France in 2005
the American Conservatory
(Fontainebleau Schools founded in 1921 by Francis Casadesus)
and there studied Casadesus' piano works
and has furthered this interest since then.

Cicilia Yudha was invited to present a lecture-recital
on Robert Casadesus's
Eight Etudes (op. 28) and Toccata (op.40)
at the College Music Society's
57th National Conference which will take place in Saint-Louis
Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2014.

Her topic was selected among an unusually large number of project
submissions as being of great interest to the attendees.
Clic HERE to to access to her website et
and read (page "biography") her dissertation (doctorate) on Robert.

She has become a fine interpreter of Robert Casadesus' piano
repertoire, including his most challenging works. (august 2010)

devoted to the violin was given to the violinist
Mari POLL (Estonia).
The winner received a check of 500 € and the reproduction of the first page of opus No. 1
of Robert Casadesus (preserved at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France).
The Association Robert Casadesus is pleased to offer
a web page devoted to her career.

Congratulations !

The Vibrarte / Robert Casadesus award 2009 devoted to the piano was given to
Natacha KUDRITSKAYA from Ukraine

The Robert Casadesus / Vibrarte rewards a candidate for his personal character
and the accuracy of his interpretation of French music.


The 9th Robert Casadesus International Piano Encounters : 16, 17, 18 of January 2004

The 9th Robert Casadesus International Piano Encounters , from the 16th to the 18th of January 2004, have been the opportunity of an exceptional event which will take place in the context of "Lille, European capital of culture".
This event, called ??piano(s) festival?? and sponsored by Maria-Joao Pires, invited about forty famous artists for a week-end entirely devoted to the piano. (

The Prize-winners' recitals

Evgenia Rubinova, winner of the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition

Rachmaninov : Three Preludes, choice of Preludes, op. 23 and 32
Sonata n?2 in B flat minor op.36
Musical moments op.16.

Alexei Volodin, winner of the G?za Anda International Competition

Stravinski : Three movements of Petrouchka
Chopin : Nocturne in B flat major op.55
Sonata n?3 in B minor op.58

Severin Von Eckardstein, winner of the Queen Elisabeth Competition

Bowen : Sonata in F sharp minor op.72
Messiaen : Le Courlis cendr? (of the "Catalogue d'Oiseaux")
Chopin : Fantasy In F Minor
Robert Casadesus : Prelude n?18

History of the Encounters

The Robert Casadesus International Piano Encounters originated in Lille in April 1996, at the initiative of Jean-Claude Casadesus, who sought to renew the spirit of the Robert Casadesus International Piano Competition of Cleveland.
The geographic proximity of a large number of well-known international competitions (Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels, Long-Thibaud Competition in Paris, World Piano Competition in London, International Piano Competition in Leeds?) led Jean-Claude Casadesus to avoid creating just another competition like the others. Instead, the originality of the Encounters would be to invite the participation of three prize-winners of international competitions from the same year.
The Encounters take place on a weekend in the month of January, during which each performer must express him- or herself in two different ways: in a recital of approximately an hour, and in concert with the Orchestre de Lille. It goes without saying that the contribution of the latter is essential and gives particular prestige to the young musicians, providing some of them with their very first experience as soloist with an orchestra.
A stimulating and formative springboard, the Encounters have also been able to host and help numerous pianists attain international renown.
In 1999, the Encounters paid homage to Robert Casadesus on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth and received Philippe Bianconi, who performed the Capriccio for Piano and String Orchestra, Op. 49 by Robert Casadesus. This was, unfortunately, the last edition honoured by the attentive and warm presence of Gaby Casadesus who passed away a few months later.
Since 2001, Alain Cochard, music critic, lecturer and specialist in the piano repertoire, has presented the prize-winners at each recital, at the same time pointing out the guiding line of their programme.

The 8th Robert Casadesus International Piano Encounters :
17, 18 and 19 January 2003.

The Prize-winners

Maxim Mogilevsky and Svetlana Smolina,
Winners of the Murray Dranoff International Two Piano Competition, Miami (USA);
Alexei Nabioulin,
Winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition, Moscow (Russia);
Winston Choi,
Winner of the Orl?ans (France) International 20th Century Competition.

Alexander Dmitriev, conducting.

Participants since 1996

Since their creation in 1996, upon the initiative of Jean-Claude Casadesus, the Robert Casadesus International Piano Encounters have welcomed :

Allessio Bax
Leeds International Pianoforte Competition, 2000

Delphine Bardin
Clara Haskil Competition, Vevey (Switzerland), 1997

Giovanni Bellucci
Queen Elisabeth Competition, Brussels, 1995

Evelina Borbei
Marguerite Long Competition, Paris, 1995

Winston Choi
20th Century Competition, Orl?ans (France), 2002

Roberto Cominati
Leeds International Pianoforte Competition, 1996

Ingrid Fliter
Fr?d?ric Chopin International Piano Competition, Warsaw, 2000

Kirill Gerstein
Arthur Rubinstein Competition, Tel-Aviv, 2001

Alexander Ghindin
Queen Elisabeth Competition, Brussels, 1999

Philippe Giusiano
Fr?d?ric Chopin International Piano Competition, Warsaw, 1995

Yakov Kasman
Van Cliburn Competition, Fort Worth (Texas, USA), 1997

Olga Kern
Van Cliburn Competition, Fort Worth, 2001

Maxime Mogilevski (and Svetlana Smolina)
Murray Dranoff Two Piano Competition, Miami (Florida, USA), 2002

Alexey Nabioulin
Tchaikovsky Competition, Moscow, 2002

Alberto Nos?
Ferrucio Busoni Competition, Bolzano (Italy), 1999

Ilia Rachkovski
Long-Thibaud Competition, Paris, 2001

Evgenia Rubinova
Leeds International Pianoforte Competition, 2003

Vitali Sarnoshko
Arthur Rubinstein Competition, Tel-Aviv, 1998

Aleksandar Serdar
Arthur Rubinstein Competition, Tel-Aviv, 1996

Henri Sigfridsson
G?za Anda International Competition, Zurich, 2000

Svetlana Smolina (et Maxime Mogilevski)
Murray Dranoff Two Piano Competition, Miami, 2002

Per Tengstrand
Geneva International Music Competition, 1996

C?dric Tiberghien
Marguerite Long Competition, Paris, 1998

Alexei Volodin
G?za Anda International Competition, Zurich, 2003

Severin von Eckardstein
ARD Competition in Munich, 1999
Queen Elisabeth Competition, Brussels, 2003

Ashley Wass
World Piano Competition, London, 1997

Yung Wook Yoo
Paloma O'Shea Competition, Santander (Spain), 1998

Les Rencontres de Lille
Information : +33(0)3 20 12 82 40
Lille Tourist Office +33(0)3 28 04 50 50
Web site :

AVON (near Fontainebleau)

On the 15th of November 2003, the city of Avon has dedicated an evening to the premiere of the 4 String Quartets by Robert Casadesus, performed by the Manfred Quartet.
This concert has taken place around the manor of Bel Ebat, place of meeting of the greatest musicians, old residence of the Durand editors.


Piano recital by Philippe Bianconi tribute to Madam Gaby Casadesus

On the occasion of the series of great performers during the 2003-2004 musical season of the museum of the Army, Philippe Bianconi, pianist, will give a recital on Tuesday May 25th, at 20 p.m. in the Saint-Louis Cathedral of the Invalides.
He'll perform works by Schubert, Liszt and Ravel.

Informations : H?tel national des Invalides - 129 rue de Grenelle - 75007 Paris.

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