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"The website devoted to Robert Casadesus is a gold mine of information about the musician. The abundance of information makes this site a total success and a model of how to use the new technologies. The lengthy biography, accompanied by a breathtaking photo album, is enriched by testimonies of other musicians, such as Zino Francescatti, who knew the great pianist..."

Pablo Galonce (Le Monde de la Musique, Avril 2003)

Robert Casadesus, pianist

About the performance by Robert Casadesus of the Concerto for Piano n°4 in C minor Op. 44 by Saint-Saëns, conducted by Pierre Monteux (1939). (N.M. Classics, 2003).
(Audio CD : Anthology of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Vol.1 1935-1950 (N.M. Classics, 2003))

"During the same concert in 1939, Monteux brillantly varies his poetic expression (and) Casadesus is dazzling in Saint-Saëns."

Remy Louis, Diapason, september 2003

"CD 3 is devoted to Pierre Monteux, a great favorite in Amsterdam, and documents the night of Oct. 12, 1939 (...) with an exceptional performance of Saint-Saëns' Concerto No. 4 with Robert Casadesus"

R.E.B., classical review (, january 2003

Robert Casadesus, composer

"(…) the essential nature of Casadesus’ writing consists of the fact that all its elements are well coordinated : nothing is missing and nothing is superfluous. He is impeccably “classic” thanks to his erudite taste and, at the same time, interestingly modern in the originality of his ideas.
(…) Casadesus was also a master of instrumentation. In all of his chamber and orchestral works, each instrument is used to the maximum of its potential, demanding total technical control on the part of the performer.
(…) he never indulges in technical fireworks that simply allow a display of the performer’s ability; his motivation remains at all times one of serious music-making, his idiom that of a composer dedicated to expressing and intense musical feeling in an appropriate musical manner."

"ROBERT CASADESUS, Composer, Performer, Pedagogue", by Edgard Feder, August 1983

More informations will be soon available on this press review.

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