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This site could not have been realised without the will of Guy Casadesus and the energy of Gaby Casadesus who, throughout her life, devoted herself to her husband's career.

The support and participation of the following was primordial, and we extend our warmest thanks to them. received the support of the following organisations :

FCM (Le Fonds pour la Création Musicale) - Web site
SACEM (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique) - Web site

Contributions :

Creation of the structure of the site and project supervision
Gréco Casadesus
Conception, development, integration and on-lining
Alexcyr SARL - Arnaud Frouin - Web site - contact
ALEXCYR - Conception, développement, gestion de sites web. Solutions informatiques globales.
Graphic conception
Olivier Siame - contact
Additional design
Marie-Christine Pinaux - contact
Photo digitisation
Guy et Gildas Gourlay
Document inventory
Gildas et Guy Gourlay
Jacqueline Muller, Olivier Bellamy, Gréco Casadesus, Guy Casadesus, Jean Roy, Guy Sacre, ...
English translation
John Tyler Tuttle

Acknowledgements :
Françoise Massip et Marie-Gabrièle Soret (Bibilothèque Nationale de France), Eric Guillemaud (Sony Classical), Olivier Bernard (Action Culturelle Sacem), Bruno Boutleux (FCM), Bernard Brossolet (Editions Durand), Pierre-Henri Löÿs (Aller-Retour Productions), Olivier Le Covec (Sacem), Jean-François Bouvery, Martine Casadesus, Laurence Cléry, Michael Gray, Jacqueline Muller, Philippe Morin, Julien Ledru, Anne Forgeron, Pascale Casadesus, Suzanne Lipinska, Sophie Dupont-Coderch, Caroline Martin, Jacques Doucelin, Didier Soinard.
Non-exhaustive list

Internet links :
L'Orchestre National de Lille - Web site
The Casadesus family - Web site
Greco Casadesus K - contact
Durand Salabert Eschig et Ricordi - Web site
Schirmer - Web site
Billaudot - Web site
Southern Music - Web site
International Music Co.- Web site
Musique en ligne - Web site
Di Arezzo - Web site

Background music :
Home page :
  • Mozart - Concerto No.23 K 488 – Robert Casadesus, piano – Columbia Symphony orchestra – George Szell, conductor - CD Sony Classical 5033902
  • Robert Casadesus - "Variations d'après l'Hommage à Debussy de Manuel de Falla" op.47 (Ricordi publishing) - Jean-François Bouvery, piano - “Opus Millésime” productions
  • Robert Casadesus - Piano Sonata N°2 op.31 (Durand publishing) - Jean-François Bouvery, piano - “Opus Millésime” productions
  • Robert Casadesus - Piano Sonata N°4 op. 56 (Durand publishing) - Jean-François Bouvery, piano - “Opus Millésime” productions

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